How often does this happen guys?

I met a boy this summer at camp and we liked each other but we didn't kiss or hug or anything just he told me I was pretty and I had really beautiful eyes, and he said I wowed him with my speech like 4 times...and I know he really liked me...and he'd flirt...a lot. :)

The question:

Will he meet another girl and forget all about me while all I'll do is think of him?

I am scared this will happen..please answer! Thanks!

I hope HOPE we won't!

  • Yeah He will I think
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  • Yes he will, I've done that myself
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  • No, He likes you a lot to forget
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  • Nope! He is definitely into you
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  • Probly not, guys who juggle girls do that and guys who do that have game and go for what they want not say stuff like " you wowed me with your speech" so don't worry, he sounds a little inexperienced and is probly thinking about you to

  • If he does forget, next time you go to camp and see him, you should give him what he liked and look him straight in the eyes. If he he was into you then, he'll remember you.


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