Girls: What do you think of Chase's hair? (House tv series)?

So basically is Chase from House better looking with short hair or with the slightly longer hair from the earlier series? (Try to ignore that was slightly older looking, I'm just interested in the hair.)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • He looks way, way better with short hair. I'm pretty sure that when he was on TV with the long hair, it was voted worst hair on TV, lol.

    • Really? I thought it looked alright, maybe Australian's have no idea about hair...

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Gosh that Haircut really helped him out. He now looks cute like he used to in that movie Winning London

  • I didn't think he was cute until he cut his hair tbh

    • Cute as in attractive? It's hard to know if cute is a good thing when said about a guy.

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    • Okay, would you say that applies in general to guys? (That short's better.)

    • Depends on the person but generally yes

  • Im a total sucker for longer or shaggy hair. A lot of girls are.

    • I would have thought that looked better, but don't really know what girls think. (I guess they may not all agree...) Thanks for your answer.

    • not all girls are the same. and sometimes it depends on if the guy can pull the look off or not. Different faces suit different styles.

    • I guess that makes sense. Thanks for your answer.

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