How should I grow and style my hair?

I'm planning to grow the top of my hair longer, but keep the back and sides short.

Girls be honest, what do you think my hair would look good like? send me a link to a photo of the style, if you want...


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  • I think you'd look a little late 80's early to mid 90's I guess id be like the guy who plays Raul in dangerous minds he's the one with the pony tail In my opinion it's not a bad hairstyle kind of retro but that's where everyone's headed right? but grow tips look up the inversion method on YouTube and it sounds crazy but if you apply monistat to your scalp (where u want it to grow) it will grow super fast cause it kills off the bacteria that stops hair from growing fast. Inverting yourself for four minuets a day for one week along with monistat should boost up your progress really fast but only do it for a week or else your body will get use to it and stop producing results.


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