How should I prep to flat ironing my natural hair?

Okay so My bday is Monday and I plan on flat ironing my hair. I am natural what do you curly girls think is best? I want to deep condition with my conditioner all night and then rinse out in the am and then green house effect on Saturday night (for extra over the top moisture) and flat iron Sunday morning. I am getting over a cold so my question is should I just green house effect on Saturday night? on Tuesday of this week I went ahead and a egg, aloe, horsetail tea, rosemarry deep condition so I don't need any more protein in my hair.


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  • Flat ironing your hair isn't a 2 day event. Just get some heat protecting serum, apply only to the ends of your hair, and you're good to go.

    • For black hair it can be 2day event though.

  • Out of all honesty I got so lost with this question... I don't do any of that stuff. I just wash my hair very well then towel dry it but since my hair is so thick I have to blow dry it and spray this heat protection stuff I use. Then I spray more in my hair and then straighten my hair. It takes me about an hour. :) I guess it depends how thick your hair is and how long it takes to straighten it all.

    • My hair is also really thick I have mostly 3c curls a little 4a and 2b right in the back. Like I want it to stay flat for a couple of days so I know the best way to do that is to deep condition so my question was do I deep condition for basically 24 hrs or just do it for 12 because Im getting over a cold and don't want hair to stay wet.

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    • Lol good luck :D don't burn yourself lol I did that today when I was fixing my hair up

    • haha hopefully i wont. but if you have any aloe around it'll take the burn out. i accidentally let the back of my finger hit a scolding hot pot i keep a spray bottle of aloe juice in mt refrigerator so i kept spraying it took the burn out in about an hour and was healing the next day.

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