Best hair style for my type of hair?

I have long-ish hair (down to bottom of my boobs) that is light brown with natural looking blonde highlights. Thoughts?

  • Straight (my natural hair)
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  • Wavey
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  • Curled
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  • Up (if so, please specify)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Straight. Generally, I prefer wavy hair but I think highlights look better when the hair is straight.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Play with it. Try some wind braids... or french plats. Long hair is great for the range of stuff you can do. (I wouldn't curl/streighten it though, kills the hair worse than dying does)


What Girls Said 2

  • Why not just wear your hair one way one day, another a different day? One hair style can get boring, and the way you described your hair it can look good in all the listed hair styles. So, why not just shake it up every day?

    • That's what I do at the moment, I was just wondering which would be best with my hair for most days :)

    • Ok then I suggest wavy or strait for most days.

  • braid it before going to bed so it'll be wavy in the morning :D