Do you think bald guys have to wear a different style?

Pull up a picture of a guy you find hot, either famous or someone you know. Look at his clothes, I assume they are fashionable. Can he still pull off the outfit if he was bald? How do you think newly bald guys should adjust their style or appearance to complement their chrome dome?


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  • When guys are bald, it gives them a more mature look so yes, id assume you'd have to dress of age to prevent it from looking weird.

    • Well for example I am 23 and I am balding. If I went fully bald by age 24 do you think I couldn't pull off the same style guys my age wear? Not immature but like a nice sexy look.

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    • Thanks for the feedback. My style is kind of a skater/rock look except more on the cleaner side. Like one outfit I have is white v-neck, straight cut jeans, leather jacket, leather converse, a couple chains or pendant but not too flashy. Sometimes I'll wear a beanie in the fall or winter.

      I am definitely not a beard guy... I sometimes wear a nice full goatee, but the long hipster beards I see today are too ridiculous for my taste.

    • haha yeah i was trying to say hipster beard :p u seem like you have really nice style and i think it would look perfectly normal with your style. EMBRACE IT! :) if your confident in the way you look everyone's opinion shouldn't matter a bit. At a certain time in my life i shaved my head literally bald and grew it all back and didn't care about anyone's opinion.

What Guys Said 1

  • I shave my head all the time and I've got styles for days. Its not whether a guy shaves his head and look good in the outfit, it's the matter of just making the outfit look good regardless of having a shaved head I skip a few days here and there. I haven't changed my style to accommodate my shaved head. However, it should be noted that there are guys who don't have the head to rock the shaved head look.


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