I fried my hair ;( someone please help?

okay so my hair is dyed blue right now & I've been dying it for a couple of months & bleaching it too so now i noticed that some of my hair is like chopped half ways iknow it was the bleach but idont know what to do im thinking on just dying all my hair black before that was my original hair color & every time it would look damaged i would dye it n the dye would fix my hair texture so i dont know if i should try dying it black so that my hair won't look so fried or what should i do? Someone thats been through this or somethin please help me


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  • Damn girl, you need to lay off the chemicals and heat for a while... long as possible. Seriously, my hair was collar bone length, kept breaking and wouldn't grow at all till I learnt to take care of it and now my hair is halfway down my back like past bra strap length, and I'm still growing it.
    Dye your hair close to your original color so you can start growing out the damage. You can never really repair badly damaged hair, you can only buy products that hide the damage, once it's damaged you're fucked till you grow out the damage.
    Over the past few years, I've learnt so much about hair and hair care so that I could grow out my own damaged hair, so if you could tell me a little more about the condition of your hair, I think I can help you. Also if you know your hair type.
    But either way, the main thing right now is you need to care for your hair. Deep condition weekly and do deep treatments to, I know it sounds gross, but don't shampoo daily, just conditioner wash and only use shampoo when your hair needs it shampoo dries out your hair, and dry hair just gets damaged and breaks so much easier. Google co washing. Use leave in conditioners to, because I'm sure the bleach has probably left your hair needing more moisture, and leave in will help with that. Also, to prevent breakage while your hair is in this weak bleached state, you can try to look into low manipulation hair styles that will minimise friction on your hair which causes breakage, and right now, the state of your hair needs as little manipulation and friction as possible.
    I don't know your hair color, but there are certain colors that even show up on black hair with no bleach if its done a certain way, so look into that to.
    Sorry about your hair, but don't worry, it's hair, it'll grow back, damaging and bleaching and heat damage etc... It's all part of being a girl I guess and it's all things that are easily fixed.

    • Before, my hair was like black & i had a lot now its very thin & it breaks easily & i only have a little i haven't had a hair cut since last year its been like a yr & 2 months maybe & my hair is only up to where my bra starts so it doesn't grow much i started bleachin n dying my hair on April this yr n since then i haven't stopped I've bleached it like 6-8 times maybe but only this last time i saw the big mess!! & ionly found out because i use extensions and when i made a section around the middle i was gonna put in my clip in extensions & i grabbed my hair & iwas like ohh myy gooddd!! Wtf happened!! My hair was sooo short like if i had cut it off iwas so worried bout my hair & i still am i am desperate to know what i can do to fix it & also to make it grow & for my ends to go back to normal

    • Somerimes extensions can damage your hair to. Some people even get bald patches from extensions. Do you ever deep condition or treat your hair? If not, you should definitely start. Probably weekly if you can. Try to get a shampoo conditioner in one thing to use as your shampoo, but still use normal conditioner after. You should of done a good deep treatment after every bleach, so do that for next time.
      Everybodys hair grows, at least 1/4 inch a month minimum, but usually 1/2 inch, when you don't see growth it's because your hair is breaking, but it is sstill growing, you just can't see because it breaks as fast as it grows.
      As your hair is bleached, it's a good idea to also use a leave in conditioner for extra moisture because bleach dries it.
      You may need to cut off your damage, but you can just do a tiny bit as it grows. Lay off the chemicals for a while, and keep hair tied up in nice updos, because down causes friction which makes breakage and your hair is weak right now.

    • Some people call the updos "protective styles" because they're protecting the ends of your hair, so they won't rub on clothes all day and get more weak and break off. So Google image updos and protective styles and see if there's anything you like.
      Unfortunately you can never repair damaged hair, literally the only thing you can do is trim the ends off. I personally grew my hair 1/2 inch a month and trimmed off 1/2 inch a month, so that I didn't have to go totally short.
      Your hair needs extra protein for strength, but needs added moisture to balance it because too much protein isn't good either. There are conditioners and deep conditioners that add protein and moisture you can buy or make at home even. Next time you bleach, prepare your hair by doing protein and moisture treatments for a week or two before you bleach, and then do it again after. This will help prevent too much damage, but bleach will always damage at least a little bit. Heat isn't good either, so use heat protectant.

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  • I hear if you got hair damage maybe you should see a professional who
    can help you


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  • if you dye it again itll just make it worse. You can either cut off as much as you're comfortable with and keep doing that as your hair grows out until its back to being healthy (which is what i did when that happened to me) or just leave it be.

  • I had my hair all purple and blue for two years and this didn't happened. did you dye it yourself? because dyeing hair in special colours has different ways and you should be very careful. you should also consider your hair strength and thickness before dyeing because it can damage your hair and even cause baldness in some areas. what I say is that not only dye it back but cut it all off. even a better safer way is to shave it all and let it naturally grow with the natural colour again. do not fear, it will not take long. but you will be sure that it won't be damaged any more than this and it will be recovered. also do not forget to see a specialist. there are more ways to recover these damages these days than ever before. you should not be worried that much.

    • Yes i dyed it myslef & before i would have a lotttt of hair now my hair is very thin

  • Pick a cute short style and cut it... cutting off all of the damaged ends. Grow out your hair and don't over dye it again.

    • I dont want to cut it because my hair doesn't grow at all!!! i even use extensions but idont know what to do

  • Well first off I haven't been through this myself, but a couple of my friends have. First off I think you should dye your hair back to its original color. Once you've done that get a haircut. I'm going to assume that when you said "some of my hair is like chopped half ways" you were talking about split ends. Anyway get your split ends cut off. Keep getting your hair trimmed every few months or whenever your hair grows back, until the split ends are gone or minimal. I would strongly suggest you stop dying your hair for a while. Your hair will repair itself faster if you don't constantly dye it. I hope this helped. :)

    • No i didn't mean that well yea my ends are split but thats not what i meant... See some of my hair is like a lotttt shorter than the other like ALOT! shorter its exxagerated u can't see it because its around the middle section but u can feel it & its horrible

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    • Ithink i am gonna have to TY

    • Alright I hope it works out for you.

  • Go and buy aphogee right now!!!

    • What is that?

    • It's a protein conditioner of some kind. There's two different protein treatments from them. One is very strong, for very damaged hair and it smells like shit lol and the other one smells great and is more like a conditioner. I bleach my hair and color it pink and it has really helped me.

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