How do you find the correct bra size?

according to Victoria's secret i should be a 32AA yet i have some 32 C bras from Aerie that fit perfectly.

My measurements:
under bust: 27 in
bust: 32 in

How does this make sense? What do you think my correct bra size should be? Is this a common problem?


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  • I think you should consult the store.


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  • I have the same problem! I got measured at Victoria's secret and they said I was a 32 B but then I tried that size on and it was too small! I ended up getting a 32 C bra instead lol at aerie, I fit into a 32 A... XD I think some bras run smaller and some run bigger. You have to experiment and try them all on haha. Just wear what's most comfortable for you! :)

    • That SAME thing happened to me too. 32C is PERFECT even tho they swear I'm only a B. Only complaint I have is that the straps fall down alot, but I'd rather have that happen then having a nip slip or something lol

    • Yes!! The straps fall down for me too! I have to pull then up all of then time.. haha

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  • I think Victoria's Secret changed their measurement system because when I went they said I was a G. And that's fuckin bullshit.


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