Girls, need ideas for girly Halloween costume?

So im a 19 year old male, and love to dress up in girls clothes , and my friend girl suggested i should dress up as a girl for Halloween and go out, and she said she is willingly to help me with it, especially the makeup. So i neec ideas for what kind of hot girl costume i can wear for Halloween. I really enjoy dressing up as girly and sexy as possible so the girlier the better. Also please i need links for the costumes so i will know what to buy. Thanks so much for your help :).


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  • Try sexy kitten. You should better try the outfit before buying it so search in some stores in your area :)

    • Omg i google image searched it, its purrrfect XD! So sexy, omg! Exactly the type of costume i was looking for, thanks! :D

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    • Yeah i told my friend about your idea of the sexy kitten, and she thought it was an awesome idea! She laughed pretty hard (not in a mean way), and said she can't wait to see what i look like in it. She said she is gonna help a lot with it. She said i should even wear high heels with it, and she would teach me how to walk in them. We are both are really excited now for Halloween XD. Thanks again so much for the idea!

    • Keep it sexy :))

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  • Police officer

  • Egyption queen/belly dancer. I don't know sounds sexy and neat, that is if you aren't fat.


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