2 Questions about fashion magazines?

1) do you feel like fashion magazines correctly represent and portray what fashion is actually like?

2) Do you think they do more harm or good when it comes to style, confidence, and expectations (not body wise but clothing wise)?

*this is for school*
please be as descriptive as possible


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  • I don't know about question 1.

    2) The myth that scrawny is the ideal of beauty is perpetuated by fashion magazines who deserve blame for all the anorexic and bulimic girls out there. when you look at men's magazines though the ideal of female beauty is usually more curvy and busty not scrawny. so they're giving women a lot of misinformation.

    the thigh gap, that guys like perfume or give a shit about jewelery are other dumb myths they perpetuate.


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  • 1. Yes and no, some fashion magazines want you to think that whatever they market out is in fashion.. If you see a model wear a minion toy on her head "considered to be fashionable" would it be fashionable? Do you think women will buy it?

    2. I reckon it does more harm.. Some people can't afford the clothes in fashion magazines, making there confidence low (because the people who can afford them) are looked up upon. Magazines are there to make us consumers think that we need what they have in their magazine.. Or there is something wrong with us.. Its how they earn and make profit


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  • 1) Nope... In my opinion, fashion magazines portray runway fashion only.
    2) I think they do more harm rather than good.

  • 1. I believe they do in a way. Granted, you aren't going to wear a lot of the outfits in the magazines on a regular day. They are pretty extravagant, but a lot of the details that are in the clothes are "subtled down" for a more ready to wear appearance. Forever 21, Zara, Topshop all take from the runways of high designers to modify them for us to feel comfortable wearing, but it all comes from the magazines and runways. So they do in a way I feel personally.

    2. Clothing wise, I think it does more good because it can give someone the confidence to wear what they think looks good. Some of the stuff in magazines I'm like "what are they wearing" but when you get dressed and you think two crazy patterns together work similar to ones in magazines.. we think about other peoples opinions. If you truly like it, then wear it and make a statement like your favorite brand did in Vogue.

    Does that make any sense? haha I kind of just rambled

  • I like fashion magazines but most do not give styles that can be worn easily outside of the industry.


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