What should I wear to watch a cute guy play hockey?

A guy I have a crush on is playing a game and I would love to see him play. A few friends are going but I don't know what I should wear. I just care about being warm lol.

I'm thinking a black turtleneck under a long black down coat, with white scarf/hood/and black gloves. I have black softshell ski pants that don't look like ski pants. And nice boots. Would that work?


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  • isn't it too much black?

    • Yeah it's black coat and snow pants, but white scarf and hat... Should I be more colorful?

    • I think so :) It's autumn... Some dark red or navy would be great :)

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  • Keep the ski pants and then wear whatever u want + any jacket, hoodie, zip-up of your choice its not that cold =P (this is assuming its an inside rink)

  • whatever you like


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