I bought woman's leggings at Walmart?

I am not trolling at all. I really did.
They look comfortable and I want to wear them to bed.
I am completely attracted to women but I wanted to buy my own pair of woman's leggings to wear to bed.

Does that make me ODD?

I play guitar. Does that make my excuse more acceptable?


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  • Dude, you realize they have leggings for men? It's just a form of exercise wear that they have for all genders. It doesn't make you weird but yeah... legging are really comfortable.

    If you buy yourself a nice pair it can help you in the winter time if you don't have good winter pants. You can wear them underneath your pants and it keeps you dry if it's raining and super cold.

    Men's legging would probably fit you better. Runners, kayakers, skiers, and other athletes wear them all the time.

  • No that wouldn't... Just like many women buy mens underwear/ boxers.

  • Actually they had some man leggings not to long ago on Forever 21. True story.

  • Why not just buy men's long Johns... they are the same thing and there is more room for your bits.

    • Dont judge me

    • I've got better things to do than judge you. It's a simple observation that there would be more room for your dick, but if you don't have one to worry about women's leggings are perfect.

    • Joe- keeeeeng?

      Heh heh!

      *Pats your shoulder with nervous smile*

  • "I am completely attracted to women" AHAAHHAAHAH k.


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  • lol. well to each his own... right?
    I'd probably consider it a little odd but if they are comfortable go ahead wear them, just don't them outside your home because it'll be a little revealing


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