Should I or shouldn't I get bangs?

I was looking at some hairstyles and I'm thinking about bangs, I haven't had bangs since elementary and I'm looking at some pictures for what I want.
I tried the "find your face shape and then bang choice" thing but I just don't get it. I do know that bangs can be a hit or miss on people so I'd really want bangs that are a hit xD ((My friends said its oval shaped so... im oval i guess, lol.)

Here are some other pictures if you need them:
I was looking at side bangs and etc like this: (its not a good pic for the hairstyle but I like how its like bangs on one side and then the little hair hanging on the other.)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Give them a try and see what you think. What matters most is the way YOU feel about how you look. Style yourself the way that makes you feel better about how you look. Don't do it for others.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Bangs would provide a bit more... architectural interest

    • Haha Thank you for putting that lightly

  • I think you'd look super cute with bangs.


What Girls Said 2

  • Yes, bangs would look better.

  • You look nice now, but I think bangs would also look nice on you.


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