Is there a rule about which side should the nose drop be?

I am talking about the little subtle nose pin or nose drop that women wear. I find it the most acceptable and decent looking piercing in women besides the traditional one for the ear. Mostly, I had seen the nose drop on the left side. However I am increasingly seeing girls having it on the right side. Is there a rule? Does it say something?


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  • It doesn't matter. It's just one's preference, or just the fact the some people are right handed they feel more comfortable on the right side (Me). It was more common in the left because in the Indian culture they pierce the left. That's my guess. :P

    • Hmm. Well, being a Paki, I guess I was also used to seeing it on left.

    • I love orient beauty. Iran, India and Pakistan

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  • A nose ring, right? No, I don't believe there is a particular rule about which side you have to have it on. I guess it's just what the girl wants. I don't have my nose pierced so I don't know.

    • "Ring".. Ummmmm... I was thinking of just a tiny drop. That looks really pretty on pretty noses.

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    • Your comments are fair enough.

    • Okay! I was confused by your last comment, that's all.

  • "nose drop" sounds like a booger.

    • Ewwwwwwww... You just killed the whole essence of it. Don't know whether to laugh or cry.

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