What movie has the best ending or greatest climax of them all?

I personally think the ending of Fast and furious 6 when Dom walks out of the flames


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  • I'm sure there are better options than these, but they're the first two that I thought of
    1. Rosemary's Baby. All the build up and anticipation, and then you get that chilling ending. Just wonderfully done.
    2. Strangers on a Train. I mean you have Alfred Hitchcock, master of suspense, how could you go wrong? The last 15 minutes made me realize what "on the edge of your seat" really means when watching movies. I was practically hyperventilating, it was so perfect.


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  • The Usual Suspects. Anyone who disagrees is... not worth knowing. Seriously.

  • Movies that had shocking endings:

    The Mist
    The Others
    The 6th Sense
    Fight Club


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  • I Think THere is no such thing called best ending, cause end never be good , People want things that everlasting , string with great hope and being with them forever, then they can dump theirself in even considered without a breath. But the most amazing was, ending breaks men and women 's heart which indirectly provokes
    us to fix each other, to console each other, then we made a better life.

    • you could have at least answered the the greatest climax part

    • yeah , sure, since i got a buzz. no worry to got another one.
      i have to say definitely The Godfather 3, when Mary Corleone got killed by a miss shot, that moment was so incredible even it gave me a long chilled goosebumps i can't really express in words , i saw the connection, the consequence threads the series. oh , classic

  • ::snicker::

    It's tough to make a choice. If you're judging from Action films, I'd say the last 20-30 minutes of Hot Fuzz is pretty good as far as parody/buddy cop/action homage films.

  • Easily the Raid 2, the last like 20-30 minutes of that movie are badass.

    • Yes it is! Way better then the first one

    • Good fucking lord dude the kitchen fight scene was hands down the best fight scene I have ever seen in my life.

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