Ladies would you get mad if you hear a woman ask guys opinion on if they think certain make up or clothing would look good on her?

Do you think a guys opinion matter if he thinks a certain lipstick or fingernail polish color would look good on her, or would you tell her to wear the kind of make up that she likes and don't worry about a guys opinion?

What if it was the other way around, like guys asking a woman's opinion on if she thinks he should wear a certain color T-shirt, would you tell him (who care's what other girls think, you wear a color shirt that you like, not b/c what someone else think)


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  • For a woman, asking a mans opinion is because you want to look good for him. So if my man told me wear that red lipstick you look good in it (which he did and I wore it everyday anyway lol) or I like that "black shirt" I would wear it cause I know he likes how I look in it. I wouldn't be interested in other men though or what they thought as long as he couldn't keep eyes off me.

    But I know my bf has also asked me on my opinion and told him about a certain piece of clothing i liked he hardly wore it but when I hadn't seen him in few weeks he wore that piece of clothing obv to make an impression.

    We all need a little advice so who better to give that advice than your other half... no anger involved or needed... if they constantly tell you that you look awful and control your clothing then its time to get mad.

    • But other men are males and if you wanted advice on wanting to know more about what will make your man happy, wouldn't you want the advice from other men?

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    • I understand, of course I really didn't ment him asking random women, but more like your female friends... still the bottom line is, you don't have the same personality as your girlfriends, that's why he can only ask you advice on material things.

    • Yes hope it helps

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  • I kinda get annoyed bc most guys will be like "oh you should look natural" which will lead the girl to (falsely) believe that the plain jane look is whats up, when in all actuality the bombshell look is the best looking. guys know it too, they just seem to always want to tell girls to look as natural as possible when they know that's a lie. guys just give bad fashion/style advice

    • But would you find it discrimination if you heard guys say girls give bad fashion advice?

      Besides there are some nice guys out there and they're the one's that finish last, so it's unfair that once you have a nice guy he doesn't get respect.

  • I wouldn't get mad at either of those situations but my advice would be to wear what they like best and what they feel comfortable in. Even if it doesn't necessarily suit them, they like it and that's what matters the most, not the opinion of someone else. However, it's often important for people to get advice so I could hardly get mad that they want reassurance.

  • Id never let a guy tell me what to wear, its a form of control, if my boyfriend asked me his opnion, id tell him to wear whatever he feels more comfortable in, if you have to wear it, it should be your own personal preferance, not someone elses

  • It's okay to ask the only person whose opinion matters to you because you want to look good for him/her on a date night.


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