I really don't know how I feel.

so okay there's somebody who's always on my mind, but I really don't know how I feel, I like him, but I know it ain't gonna come to happen, he turned 19 on the 2nd of august, I turn 15 in December. I know for a fact my mum won't allow it, but age isn't a matter right?

she was 16 when she got with my dad who was aged 24, so can she talk? yeah she most probs doesn't want me ending up in her shoes, but I'm not that stupid I'm rather sensible.

what do uu think I should say to her if something did come of this?

should I keep it secret?

or tell her about her and watch her ruin it?


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  • Stay in touch. In 3 years, he'll be 22, and a little more grown. You'll be 18, and a LOT more grown. Then things could change.


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  • Yes I totally agree with I-hedoniste, but I've told you this all ready haven't I girl hmm ;-)