Tips for growing out my hair? How long will it take? I have extremely thick hair?

So I cut my hair off a year ago to donate to a foundation that makes wigs for people who have cancer. After I cut it off, I got a lot of compliments from others and so I kept my hair into the pixie cut. But now, I want to change it up and grow out my hair again. Any tips? I really need some. How long should it take? I'm at the 3 week mark after my haircut.


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  • just don't cut it. let it grow, that's all you can really do to grow it the natural healthy way.


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  • - Stop using styling products.
    - Use home-made hair masks like olive oil mixed with avocado or olive oil mixed with eggs (protein treatment)
    - Eat foods high in protein.
    - Use a wide toothed comb instead of using a paddle brush.
    - Do scalp massages for 10-15 minutes every night before going to bed.
    - Avoid washing it every day.

    • Oh also:
      - Use a sulfate-free shampoo.

    • But how long should it take?

    • Some grow faster or slower, everybody is different but average is half inch a month, so one year is six inches, put a ruler to your face to see how much that is from where you're at. :)

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