Guys, What are the signs you are looking for?

What are the signs you guys look for when you want to know if a girl is attracted to you? What should we do to make you understood we are interested? What do you want us to do?


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  • Eye contact

    A willingness to follow me when walking

    Laughing at any just about anything I say - as long as it not at me =]

    Also. If she act in parallel to me. Like if I do something, she does it


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  • The big thing I look for is whether she is friendly, and acts interested when I talk to her. If she appears aloof, or disinterested. That's a big turn-off for me. I'll probably just stop talking to her.

  • Just tell us flat out you like us. More than half of men are oblivious to any hidden/subtle messages or little innuendos you girls drop on us.

    • Agreed, no more "hints" just be blunt.

    • But I see men panic when women tell them directly that they are interested! But that's only when the guy doesn't like her back or he is not sure....we don't usually risk it.

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