What do guys expect.?

Okay when you see a guy in the mall, and he is with his friends, you look at him, he looks at you but it isn't very significant. But he looks...Do they expect us to talk to them.? Avoid them.? For us girls to make the first move.? What do guys expect.?


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  • Like for me. I wish that we could look at each other at that spot eternally, till either of us move away. :-) I feel good when they look at me that's why. Sometimes though, even if the girl looked away, I would continue to look at her.

    Hope this helps.

    • Haha so what you are saying is that you like when the girl looks at you with interest. But sometimes you don't know because it could be just coincidence that you guys looked at eachother.

      I wana know if a guy finds attractive if a girl comes to them on a whim.

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    • That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for breaking it down for me.! lols

    • Your Welcome :-)

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