What do I wear on my upper body when I am so skinny and cannot wear t-shirts in public?

I cannot wear t-shirts in public, so don't mention it please.
I am roasting and other guys wear t-shirts, i feel so embaressed what do i wear instead?


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What Girls Said 1

  • START BULKING. If you are ashamed of it why not change it! I am assuming singlets are out of the question as well? I can only think of jumpers.. Because everything else would show your body. Even if you wore T-shirts I am sure no one would mind. People (well I) don't look at people who are skinny and think dayumb they're too skinny in that t-shirt.

    If someone is unattractive to me I just don't tend to look more than once.


What Guys Said 1

  • Get slim cut shirts then. You can get polos, tshirts, button downs in slim cut. Unless you have some weird deformity you should be able to wear a t shirt just fine. These shirts tend to be cut differently so they dont look like bags on you for being so skinny.


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