Is my boyfriend losing interest in me physically?

My boyfriend and I have a great relationship mentally and spiritually. Our companionship is like that of a best friend. We get along great, have the same interests, and enjoy each others company all the time. We stay up all night talking about everything from our dreams to the video game we had just played. But lately he doesn't want to seem to do it anymore. It went from every day to 4-5 (which was fine to me) then 2-3 then once and now I'm lucky if I get laid. I know our relationship is not on the rocks. But what is wrong? Do I bore him now? Am I not enough? Is he use to it? I know men get tired physically very easily, no offence it is just the way you are. I have tried different tactics too. Buying sexy underwear, doing strip teases, just coming on strong with kissing messaging, etc I don't know what much else I can do. Some of his excuses are he's too tired from work, he's depressed, he's getting older. But he's in his twenties give me a beak!I know or a fact with his old girlfriends he did them three or four times a day and had sex all the time. What do I do? Is it me or...? Please help.

Can I please have some more answers?


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  • after a while of being togther the lust dies down. but maybe you can act like you don't want to have sex. maybe your coming on too strong and he rather you play hard to get.or you can get on the computer one day and start watching porn and let him see you watching it. and if he tells you something just say I'm in the mood but your not up to it so I'll just please myself. maybe that will get him to want to have sex with you more often.