What do guys look for in a girlfriend?

I just want to know. What makes guys Attracted to a girl?


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  • Guys are visual creatures, so the first thing we notice is the looks. That's not where it ends, though. I first notice the eyes. I'm a sucker for them, as it lets me read most people fairly easily. Few have the curse of being able to hide their emotions from their eyes.

    What keeps me interested in a girl is her personality. I hate lemmings, so I want her to be an individual with her own style of life. I live in a creative environment (I'm a 3D animator in a beautiful city) so if she's creative, that's great. She must know how to have a bit of fun, and joke around. She must have a desire to live life well, not just let life happen to her. She should be intelligent and have some idea of what she wants from every situation. I want her to be independent and yet to want to spend time with me. I want to be able to have a great conversation with her about anything and nothing at the same time. She must not, however be flighty, or drop hints that have no real solution and then bite my head off when I'm not telepathic. I hope that she'll be able to see past my faults, and that she'll love me for me. Basically, looks mean jack to me in the greater scheme of things - it's her character and personality that'll keep me interested.

  • A girl is attractive to me if she's cute, takes care of her body, likes to have fun, isn't stuck up, shares the same morals and values, isn't slutty, knows what she wants, etc.


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