What do guys prefer?

short tight skirts on a girl with a nice body


athletic short that a kind of loose on an athletically thin girl


designer; abercrombie, hollister stuff on an athletic girl


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  • All of the above so long as they fit and show off the girls figure to my delight. She could wear almost anything (umm OK not a burqa) and I'd be good because like most guys I'm spending my focus imagining the clothes coming off of you anyways. Yeah I know, "what a pig" but the truth can be that way. And designer labels are waaaaaaaay over rated unless they are just being used as advertising "my daddy is richer than your daddy" in which case I laugh and avoid such shallow fickle fashion slaves completely. Don't have much patience for the pretentious set most of whom never do learn to earn their own way. So wear anything, but be comfortable and smile. Good luck.

  • I can't stand all of that abercrombie and hollister crap and I'm not really into athletic girls so I would have to go with short tight skirts with a nice body.


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