IPhone users: Is buying an iPhone 4s second hand a bad idea?

I'm considering buying an iPhone 4s second hand for £120. It's 16GB and I'm going to see it this Saturday and looks to be in great condition. I'm going to try and lower the price to £100 maybe £100. I'm wondering if the battery life of it will be bad and because the 4s is 3 years old if it's a lost cause. Will Apple axe the iPhone 4s soon? I'm worried that I'll buy it and regret it straight away. The iPhone 4s doesn't have iOS8 installed luckily. Main purposes of the phone will be iMessage, Facetime, Snapchat and Instagram. There's also no faulty's/scratches. So, is it worth it? Thankyou
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  • It seems to me they purposely out date the operating system and make updating to new software in the older phones impossible. New operating software actually slows down older phones making them crap and using up their memory. The phone will still work. Now that the 6 is out, the 4 isn't worth much. If you are on a budget that would be fine. I wouldn't pay more than $100 Canadian for one which is about 75 eur, (am I right?).


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  • Why would you want such an old phone? when your done with it it'll be at least 5 years old. I wouldn't do it if I were you.

    • I can't afford much else.

    • Ask someone to help you out and pay them back and phone company's have... like... pay in installments plans now... You can do that. Getting the 4s would be a waste.

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  • Iphone 4s is crap. The camera is the worst thing about it. And some of them have bad batteries. My iphone 4 had a 3 hour batter life, and thats with the airplane mode turned on.

  • The iPhone 4s is worth about as much as single-ply toilet paper nowadays compared to other smartphones.

    • I know that they're obviously not as good as some others but I'm a student and I haven't got a lot of money so can only afford the 4s. I have only ever had a Nokia brick (I'm not great at technology).

  • with that budget you are gonna get a phone with latest spec android smartphone not a 2 generation older crapple phone


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