i was trying to tell him my feelings of how frustrated I was because my parents used my money with out my permission and now I'm basically screwed economically and he tells my then why don't you get a job and the thing is it has almost been 9 months of me looking for a job and I told him it's not that easy it's kind of hard and then he told me well if you have that kind of attitude it will be hard( the thing is I just wanted to tell him how I feel p.s. he doesn't work and is maintained by his family) so then I told him well your dad hasn't found a job yet how am I and he took it up the ass and now he is mad wtf what do I do? ps what I meant was his dad with his kind of experience is even hard for him to get a job


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  • I would apologize to him that it came out the wrong way about his father and explain what you did mean. After that, also tell him that you didn't need him to comment on your attitude and looking for a job because you just want some support and encouragement. You were just looking for him to listen and be there like he should have been, not be another parent to you. Hope that helps.


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