Is it weird that my bedroom is set up like a apartment?

i am 15 almost 16 my room has a bed/lounge area a work area and a kitchen (a mini fridge with a microwave and a camp stove
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  • kitchen in bedroom? While that might seem great to most... that's the worst idea ever! unless it is in fact a tiny apartment. D: or a rather large bedroom.. otherwise that's just awful. Hope you're a tidy person, cause you'll be inviting little critters in with all that in your bedroom.. ewwwk D:

    • it is spotless i take out the trash every other day and vacume every 3 days its clean

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    • No I understand, I'm asking the opinion owner. I'm not sure where she is coming from when she says your room will be gross from having a fridge in there when the kitchen is also a room that is essentially a room as well.

    • It just sounds gross..

      a kitchen has a sink.
      a kitchen is an open room, not a closed off room.
      a kitchen is a kitchen.

      I think it's rather unsanitary and in a way gross. (unless it's what I said before, a rather small apartment that has everything together, or a VERY large room or open room) I just picture it must be a very lazy person to want to have everything crammed up just to NOT have to out. Like where do you wash your hands? Where do you put your dirty dishes when you're done? etc. just ewk. I don't like lazy people.. :]!

Most Helpful Guy

  • It isn't weird at all. Bedroom is a very important place in your house. I pay a lot of attention to it too. I try to make it comfortable for me. I just got this nice silk linen (
    They make my sleep really unforgettable :D So dont think like that. Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible!

    • Oh, It appeared that link provided isn't correct... Here what It supposed to be -
      Sorry for inconvenience :(

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What Girls Said 3

  • sounds like you're ready for college.

  • lol mine is the same, I have a book shelf full of fruit, grains and canned food, another book shelf with cleaning supplies laundry soap, bath products, sewing kit, blender, cutting board... etc. even a bucket if I need to wash something, haha this may be tmi but my closet also doubles as a bathroom and I have a composting toilet in there, don't worry there is zero smell! Basically from my room I have all my needs... minus water which I would like to fill jugs with spring water and get a dispenser and possibly a foot pump sink... my room is very small. It's set up like a studio apartment because I have many roommates and hate having to wait to use the kitchen , bathroom etc in our small home. My roommates have disabilities, and can not clean up after themselves and leave the house as a mess, with my own stuff I can keep it clean an organized. I have downsized and still downsizing things that are less necessary such as tons of clothes, shoes, accessories, decorations, dvds, books, just to the bare essentials:) I don't yet have a fridge I think I should get one, maybe even a solar panel to power it:D Also rent is crazy expensive where I live and I really don't mind living this way... I like to be outside anyways!

  • Sounds pretty great to me.


What Guys Said 1

  • Not weird at all. I kind of wish I could set my room up more like that but I got too much junk, clothes, dressers, etc. I do have a mini fridge though.


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