She Called Me Cute...

We've been talking for a while now, over MSN and in person, I was on webcam to her the other day and she said that I have a Cute Smile, and "Your Cute" etc. I just wanted to know, what does she mean by this?

Also, she keeps asking if I like anyone, does that mea anything, please help me.


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  • i don't get why people always get offended by the word cute..ITS A GOOD THING! trust me =D

    it means she likes you and thinks you're boyfriend potential!

    you don't wanna hear the words YOURE HOT/SEXY because then its just all about the looks, and that ironically can be insulting because a person should like/love you for who you are inside as a person, and personality..

    looks is a plus, but its not everything. Cute involves everything.


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  • She is interested in you and wants to make sure you are not interested in anyone else because she wants you for herself.

  • She likes you...

  • Well she mean that she finds you attractive.


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