He is so Cute!

Ladies, how would you describe handsome? or cute?

.5 in eyes

1. In face

2. In body

3. In height

Add some detail and you may receive best answer!


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  • .5 Eyes - Guys with eye that are bright and stand out tend to be more handsome, like a bright green/blue with as compared to deep dark brownish eyes.

    1 The Face - In the face Normally its the jaw-line that define cute or handsome, babyfaced boys (or so girls call them) always have a more roundished jaw-line compared to a straight-lined one.

    2 Body - I'd have to say posture. Guys who with broad shoulders who can hold them up and not slouch are more handsome than the guys who cant. (: Muscles are irrelivant.

    3 Heigth - Tall guys are always the best, but I'm short so unless your under 5'0 then your tall

    [IMG] link

    Heath Ledger in this picture is more of a cute baby-faced boy

    [IMG] link

    Micheal Cera is a perfect example of cute and baby-faced

    Him compared to Matt Thiessen shown in the two photos below is the perfect match for comparison they both have similar but different facial qualities

    [IMG] link

    [IMG] link

    Hoped that helped. (:


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  • wow eyes that when the lock with urs it give ya little bit of shiver. green is always great and big wow.

    face I love a man with alittle faical hair.

    body a man that works out side and keeps his wieght in the range is great. I love a tan

    hieght over 6 ft is great.

    pts that's my boyfriend hehe

  • Cute is in the face, for sure. It's usually a guy with a rounder face, pinchable cheeks, you know. Haha.

    Handsome is generally a tall man with nice cheekbones. And nice hair has a lot to do with it as well.

  • I usually like guys that are really tall like over 6'4 and who have blond hair. I also like bigger guys. Not like overweight, but I don't like guys that are really skinny either and I don't like guys who are really muscular. I also think that your personality can make you likable. A good sense of humor is a must for me. I like any guy that can make me laugh.


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