Guys: what do you think of an industrial ear piercing on a girl? Take the poll plsss!

im just curious on what you guys think of an industrial ear piercing on a girl? do you think it is trashy, hot and a turn on, or do you not care or even notice at all lol

please comment& take the poll!
  • trashy, huge turn off
    Vote A
  • don't care & dont even notice
    Vote B
  • hot/cute & and turn on
    Vote C
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I say b cuz as long as it's not the 5 foot long lops it doesn't bother me


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think they are hot and can be cute. My sis has one and she has some cute little bars with charms..


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  • Piercings and tattoos aren't all that. If you get a tatoo or piercing it should be for yourself and have purpose, not to appear attractive.


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