Why is make up different from Asian to White girls?

If a Chinese/Japanese girl with almond eyes, wears make up, her eyes appear bigger and rounder. But if a White girl with round eyes, wears make up, her eyes appear more almond and vampire looking. Like a slightly evil look lol.

So make up has the opposite or at least different effect on Asian vs White girls. Why is this?



And which set of eyes, almond or round? Do you find more attractive? Regardless if they are on Asian or White girls.


Most Helpful Girl

  • the Asian girl is looking up to the camera creating a big eye effect, and her bottom waterline is coloured white to make the white of her eyes appear more larger.
    White people colour their bottom waterline with black eyeliner sometimes and that makes the eye appear more "exotic" in a way.

    The difference between white makeup and Asian make up is that Asians are trying to appear paler and have big full lashes
    while white people don't need to try and look paler with big full lashes to give the big eye effect.
    Basically, Asian makeup is all about trying to appear more white.


Most Helpful Guy

  • wow, thisis going be difficult to work out. But regardless their vilina look, Asian girls averagely have a slightly more skillful handle on makeup than Western girls, and the pic1 you showed me i wouldn't say she's a cute, i hope her guy could see her wear that look 24/7. western girl generally born with a good eye contour, their eyes pretty big and sunken orbita, bumped brow ridge, so the ridge shelter a part of direct sunlight from above then without eyeshadow there is a shadow fill in that orbita, if the girl draw a heavy eyeliner, that will further plus black with more black, then seems like a vampire or countess and a bit of lost vitality.


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  • First of all, I prefer round eyes (because I like the cute style).

    Second, make-up is going to differ from any race because it compliments them differently. It can also be a cultural thing. The photo looks to be of a Japanese girl and I know in Japan, looking young is popular which is why you'll see more Asians using circle lenses and doing pink cutesy make-up.

    Some white girls make look "vampire-ish" but some don't. When I wear make-up or circle lenses, I get told that I look like a doll.

  • Big round doe eyes are considered pretty in asia, where everyone has almond-shaped eyes.

    Almond-shaped eyes are considered pretty in the white world, where everyone has bigger eyes.

    I'm Asian and just last week I got a compliment from my coworker that my eyes are nice. And that she wants eyes like these. When I don't particularly like them.

    People are never satisfied with what rhey have, eh?

  • You can apply make up differently to get a desired affect. The way girls apply make up has a lot to do with fashion and personal preference.


What Guys Said 1

  • I think the pictures you showed had more to do with the way the makeup was applied and camera angles.
    But I definitely find the second pair of eyes more attractive.


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