Brand of pants that actually fit? My pants always fit well on the hips but the ankles are too loose or hips are too tight and perfect on the ankles?

HELP ME!!! What brand of skinny jeans actually fit? I'm a 5 or a 7. I am not fat. I'm pear shaped so my top half is small and my bottom half is kind of big. NO PANTS EVER FIT WELL. SOMEONE HELP ME. Levi's don't fit well. Guess doesn't fit well either and it's hella expensive. Should i just try the stores i usually shop at like charlotte russe, forever 21? It's starting to get cold, i need pants lol


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  • Try American Eagle. Their jeans are really nice and there's always a sale or discount you can snag with them & actually Forever 21 has nice jeans too but theirs won't last you awhile I can tell ya that.


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