Do girls like it when guys look at them when they're at the beach?

so I was at the beach today and it was pretty nice out so it was busy , there was an unreal amount of beautiful young women there so I couldn't help myself from looking at many of them but some of them didn't seem to like it and others really couldn't of cared it was somewhat odd . as some were not bothered at all that I was looking at them in there bikini yet others and one girl even quickie but her towel around her so I couldn't see her body .

so in general girls what's your view on this , do you like it when a guy looks at you at the beach or does it matter or do you just expect guys to look at you if your good looking ?


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  • i feel like if you're gonna look,why not come over to me


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  • If a girl is wearing a bikini what should she expect? I know when I wear one guys are looking. So if a girl don't want you to look she should cover up...

    • Thats sort of what I was expecting like one of these girls actually was sunbathing and undid her top so her bare back was revealing and well you know so what did she expect , was I not going to look at that ? mean come on

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  • More than half the time, they are going to ignore you. They are simple there to get a tan, not have perverted eyes looking at them all day. But can you help it? Probably not.