Guys : is it possible that you will not pursue the girl you find attractive?

OR you will definitely pursue the girl you find attractive OR remain Just friends with her.


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  • Attractiveness just by looks? - Sure, I can stay just friends with her

    Attractiveness by character? - It's getting harder to just stay friends

    Attractiveness by both? - Most likely - not always - means, we're about to develop feelings, so staying just friends won't work out well most of the time.

    But people are different. If it's easy for the guy to meet new girls, then it's easier to stay just friends with the once he had feelings for previously. But if it's a guy who doesn't meet a lot of girls, it will most likely become pretty complicated

  • somtimes when a guy likes a girl that he is really attracted to he thinks she is to much out of his league and fears that he will be rejected. so if there is a guy that you think likes you. you should try to send signals to him to let him know that you like him back

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