Ladies!! Should I change this haircut?

If so, what would go good with my face?
I like this hair because i can trick it into doing this with a towel and stays "kept" all day. When my hair short its get incredibly flat and boring. I used to style it into this enormous phohawk tho!(however thats spelled) but they told me two years was too long to have that cut, the bastards.


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  • You could grow your bangs slightly maybe but your haircut is fine :) and you have nice eyes

    • Aw thanks! My friend said to get the back cut so grow bangs and cut the back ill start a list.

    • Awesome! And no problem :)

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  • god its sad when i keep seeing men who look more gay than justin bieber 5 years ago... and asking endless beauty questions...
    I hope there is another world war soon to wash away all these self waxing body sugar boys and grow them into men.

    if you were on fire i would just laugh, and im a very sweet Buddhist girl, so imagine how annoying you are.

    • haha well i am sorry to of annoyed you i am just trying to figure out a good style. As a man it seems i am not very good at it. People like to help and you just have to give them the opportunity. I am also excited for the world war maybe all of you ugly small boob Asians will get wiped out. Doesn't feel so good does it?

    • I doubt we would get wiped out lol, after all we are the experts on war right?
      and what do you mean ugly small boob? we're the most desired girls in the world.. are you jelly your just another dude
      your style is fine buddy... the only thing you need to worry about is whats in your wallet :P trying to be more pretty is not anything a guy needs.

      even me, i have never asked a single question about beauty or how is my hair, and I'm a girl pffff ~ how about you focus on getting through puberty and dealing with your desire to be pretty, rather than searching beauty tips on the internet.

  • google Kendall Schmidt. you'd look even better with his haircut (previous or current ) :)


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