Please tattoo people don't freak on me! But are their some tattoos that look more classy thenothers? Or is their such thing as classy ones?

And give me some examples of them or their design :) I work in a professional building, and would like to get one but something that looks elegant. I hope I didn't offend anyone. Basically what I mean is just elegant.


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  • i actually agree lol.

    i mean if u place a floral tattoo beside a skull tattoo, u know which one looks more classy:P

    i think elegant tattoos are the ones that r less about colour and size, and more about delicate patterns or 'innocent' images.

    • Defiantly agree about the colour thing, good to know that's how someone else feels about it too. Thanks for your answer!

    • no worries=]

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  • Just go to the well known shops around you, check out each artists portfolio. Classy tattoos in my opinion are ones that are clean, well done and say something about you. It may be more expensive to get a good one but there's a quote I go by "Good tattoo's aren't cheap and cheap tattoo's aren't good."

    • I like that quote. Thanks for your answer :)

  • Definitely. Some tattoos look trashy or poorly done.

  • check out Lea MIchele's tatoos. I really love them and I think they are elegant enough :)

  • Cupcake, I'm going to be brutally honest with you, and tell you what you need to hear. A tattoo can hold you back in the professional world. Even if you get it in a discrete place that your clothing covers, if you go posting pics of it on Facebook or showing it off to co-workers, chances are your boss will find out about it. They might not fire you for it, but they sure as Hell will not even consider you when it comes time to promote somebody. Also, tattoos are a turn-off for the vast majority of guys. Basically here's a common saying that sums up how a lot of guys feel about chicks with tattoos, "I've never seen a tattoo that makes a chick look better, but I've seen lots of them that make the chick look worse."

  • In my opinion there is not such thing as a classy tattoo.

    • Don't necessarily agree aha. Angelina Jolie now that she's older gives off a very sophisticated vibe and elegance. And her tattoos don't diminish that. And if they did I don't think people would look at her as elegant. IMHO :)

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    • While I do agree with some of Angelina Jolie's points, I'm not a Angelina Jolie fan. Those who have tattoos may think their tattoos are beautiful and all that but my opinion is entirely the opposite no matter who chooses the tattoo.

    • Okay totally understandable. I don't take lessons from no one. just thought her style or whatever now a days looks more elegant. Just used her as a example. And fair enough :)

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