What do I wear to a wedding?

Ok my boyfriend is inviting me to his brothers wedding on sep 19 and this is the first time I will b meeting his parents brother and cousins so I'm SO nervous! I was wondering what should I wear? No black or white I was looking at kendras wedding (heffs ex gf) and I notice the most beautiful dress ever to wear to the wedding it was the dress of one of heffs new twin girlfriend he dress was long and it was light pink and beautiful anyone know where I could get it? And how do I pull my overall look together? And one more thing how to act of what to do when meeting the family for the first time ?

I really want his dress how do I get it?or where?

Here is it maybe shorter or something


Thank you I will ask him for all th details of what will happen


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  • Well, I wore a knee length black and white patterned dress to my cousin's wedding.

    Try looking for dresses now, because the wedding is just about a month away.

    After you get the details is really when you decide what kind of dress to wear.

    Hope the wedding you're going to turns out better than the only wedding I went to.


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  • go with a dress that you are comfortable wearing cause you don't want to feel awkward wearing it. if it's a formal wedding wear something longer but if its outside and casual something shorter is acceptable. I always thing that silks or nice fabrics are perfect along with pastels and sometimes florals. depends on the floral though. also just act yourself around the family. don't be fake because they'll soon realize that you're sucking up to them if you do that. have fun at the wedding!

  • I guess it really depends on a lot lol Formal or semi formal? Weather..what's the weather like in sept where you're at? Inside, outside? A dress for sure, but depending on those things can really make or break the dress you choose.