Guys : after you scan a girl's body ... do you find she isn't that good or you find her more attractive?

i mean... you had a crush on a girl... you are really found of her... when you first talk to her.. why do you scan her...

do you find sometimes feel she isn't that perfect after you scan her. OR you scan her because she is attractive and hot.

sorry for not typing correctly. I do know the right spelling. I will be careful next are you going to like the girl you have crush on more. if you find something wrong in her. just asking.


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  • Well... Why do I scan her? Probably because she's good looking somehow, or just because. Mostly because she looks attractive, though.

    And yes, of COURSE we'll find out girls aren't perfect... No one is perfect. Not even girls.

    In fact: we WILL find more and more imperfections when we are in a longer relationship with out and actually start to notice those things. Nose hairs, that weird spot on your back, the earwax you forgot to get rid of this morning, the spatters of food you dropped off your fork on your lap, those extra pounds you gained, the flabby arms due to the lack of actual muscle to give them shape, those little toes that look so very crooked, and any and every other physical imperfection we WILL notice, in time.

    But that doesn't matter, because everybody is imperfect. Even girls.

    And you shouldn't care either. As long as you take care of yourself, you just make an effort to look pretty to us, and you have an awsome personality, it doesn't matter... We'll be attracted.

    Have a great day! ^^


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  • Well, if its a girl I have a crush on, then I'm going to like her more. Most attractive girls I see walking on the street get less attractive if I "scan" them. Not that I scan every single girl on the street. Scan is sort of a bad word to use for what guys do because It makes girls seem like groceries or something.

    Oh, and one last thing. Sorry, but its really bugging me: It's "fond" and "because."


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  • i want to know too . someone awnser alreadyy

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