Your everyday makeup/face routine?

What's your everyday makeup/face routine? The order, the brands/types of items you use, etc.

Mine is;
- Splash my face with cold water
- Garnier BBCream
- Neutrogena eye brightening concealer under the eyes
- Tinted powder (not sure what brand)
- Translucent Tarte powder
- Urban Decay liquid eyeliner in black
- Benefit They're Real mascara
- Smashbox eye brightening mascara (trial size)
- Anastasia brow powder
- Anastasia brow gel
- No. 7 blush
- Little bit of NYC Sunny bronzer for very subtle contouring
- Urban Decay setting spray
If I have time I'll use my urban decay Naked or Basics palette (:

What is your routine?


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  • I'm curious have you tried the maybelline dream pure bb (blue one)? I use it but was want to try the garner one. Where do you get it because I can't find it? Anyway I use:

    Maybelline dream pure bb in medium
    Nyc smooth skin translucent powder
    Nyc sunny bronzer
    Benefit bella Bamba blush OR elf blush (candid coral or pink from the blush quad)
    Wet n wild color icon in mink brown for brows
    Wet n wolf mega eyes creme liner
    A million different mascaras like maybelline falsies and loreal voluminous million lashes and voluminous false fiber lashes

    • I haven't tried maybelline, but I really like my Garnier one! You definitely need powder with it and get the one for oily skin (even if your skin is dry) because it can look a bit greasy until you put powder on it. It lasts for a while and is better than the tarte bbcream I used to use though

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    • I'll have to try it! Bella bamba is definitely more pink but Lorac made a perfect matte peach blush I'm pretty sure it's discontinued though.

    • Thank you for MHO :D

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  • Holy moly. Never knew many girls put so much stuff on their face. Damn. How does the face breathe after all that?

  • holy crap you use a lot of makeup. whatever happened to going out with your real face?

    • This is for school and stuff. It sounds like a lot but it looks like I'm barely wearing any. If I'm going to a horse show or the barn or just going somewhere casually I just put a little concealer, powder, and mascara on.
      And in my defense my eyebrows are extremely sparse so I don't even consider the brow powder as makeup anymore.

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  • ♥︎splash face with warm water
    ♥︎carefully by blotting with facial tissue
    ♥︎apply moisturizing alcohol-free toner
    ♥︎apply serum
    ♥︎apply cream
    ♥︎apply gel ointment
    ♥︎apply mattifying uv block primer

  • I wash my face and put on moisturizer. I don't wear make up often (maybe once or twice a month?) When I do it's usually just eyeliner and mascara. Maybe lipstick. I don't nor have I ever even owned any make up that isn't for eyes/lips.

    I don't know the brand of any of the junk I own. Except the face wash is clean and clear because it's like the only shit I'm not allergic to.

  • On a daily basis
    -wash face
    -apply garnier pure active (for oily skin, i have oily skin)
    -apply facial lotion
    .. and im out the door..

    if i wear make up
    .. continuing from my daily basis routine
    -MAC body and face foundation
    -Napoleon. P lipstick/lipgloss
    .. and im out the door..

    if i was going out with girls, then i would use eyeshadow and eyeliner and a blusher.. Don't own concealer, my skin is quite nice

  • Wash face with Clean & Clear fresh exfoliator
    Apply dry skin moisturizer (cant remember brand)
    LOreal true match (around eyes and t zone only)
    Nyx brow powder
    Savvy eyeliner on top lash line (smudge in)
    Maybelline mascara (the green one)
    Lip balm

    This is only if I'm going to work or out somewhere in general (not a grocery store run or the gym haha). If I'm going to a party or something I wear more.

  • -Wash face with Alba Botanica scrub its the super clean kind
    - apply Alba botanica oil control lotion
    - some hardcandy pimer (sometimes)
    - 2 different tones of covergirl BB cream
    - nude tones by maybeline on my eyes
    - Manga mascara by loreal
    - some eyeliner ( i do a cats eye)
    - blush stick
    - bronzer
    - Kate pink lipstick
    - Bronzer

  • Face wash
    Zit stuff if I'm breaking out
    Eye Primer- L'orael Magic Decrease
    Face primer- L'orael Magic perfecting base
    Eyeshadow- naked palette
    Eyeliner- maybelline. charcoal color
    Mascara- Lancôme or Miss manga L'orael
    Concealer- physicians formula
    Foundation- L'orael true match lumi
    Blush- Lancôme
    Brows- Milani brow kit
    Lips- Buxom Copacabana lip gloss or L'orael Endless Kiss lipstick.

  • every single day:
    -splash my face with cold water
    -eyebrow pencil
    -baby lips by maybelline NY with mint
    when I have plenty of time:
    -H&M bb cream
    -blush (the color that I use depends on how I feel)
    - dark brown mascara.

  • wash my face with - Neutrogena Invigorating scrub
    moisturize face with Avenno daily
    Face powder- Sacha
    Mascara- Rev Photo ready
    Liquid eyeliner - loreal
    Stain my lips a little with lipstick and then chapstick

  • Yves Rocher Sebo Vegetal cleansing gel and mattifying cream
    Clinique mascara

    And that's it, basically. Sometimes I apply some UD eyeshadow if I feel like it (though at 5 AM, I usually don't).

  • Depends if I'm rushing but if I have time a little moisturiser. A little mascara and eyebrow shadow. Not much, I'm always late as it is :P maybe some concealer :-)

  • Powder
    Eyebrow pencil
    Sometimes eyeliner too

  • Wash my face, lotion and sometimes a facial cleanser from clean and clear.

  • -Wet cotton pad with water and rub off excess oils
    -Apply La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo to acne
    -Apply Olay Night of Olay cream
    -Curl lashes, then apply IM Rimel Mamey mascara (cheap, trustworthy & amazing mascara from back home) to upper (x1) and lower (x2) lashes
    -Use Milani Brow Fix Brow Kit
    -Maybelline Fit Me concealer in 10 on trouble spots (dark circles, acne/dark spots)
    -Jordana Pressed Powder
    -Chapstick then lipstick (MAC Candy Yum Yum or Rimmel London Kate Moss #11)

    I basically just go for Lily Collins except freckled perfection most of the time

  • I wash it with an apricot acne scrub or a charcoal scrub.
    I rinse it off
    I'm done

  • shower.

    get dressed.

    chocolate lipstick.

  • my daily routine?
    i use Bourjois fresh cleansing gel
    i use Bourjois Multivitamin face toner
    apply sunscreen (Ducray Melascreen spf 50)
    use Yves Rocher loose powder in translucent
    use Yves Rocher kohl pencil (black)
    use Melyssa eye shadow trio in color Savanne
    apply Miss Den eyeliner
    apply Miss Den mascara
    apply lipstick+gloss


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