Guys, what kind of makeup do you like on a girl?

How do you like girls to wear their makeup?
  • Face fully done (foundation, powder, blush, lipstick, eyes)
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  • Heavier on the eyes and lips, but skip the powder.
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  • Light eye makeup and lipstick.
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  • Natural, no makeup.
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  • It really just depends on how it's done, I think. I like the heavy mascara or eye-liner most of the time, too. But, generally, less makeup, the better. Most guys say they like less makeup.

    • Thanks for your opinion! So basically just a little to smooth things out, but not enough to be a mask.

    • Yeah, pretty much. Though, again, it depends on how it's done--not necessarily the removal or addition of one specific type, I think. Jenna Marbles, for instance, looks amazing with all kinds of shit caked on her face, and more ordinary without the makeup. But, either way, she's still awesome.

  • I prefer some mascara and maybe some lip balm or something. But keep it light. Seeing heavy makeup just takes the beauty of the face away.


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