Just a question about pants?

So I workout and nvr skip leg day, but this affects my ability to buy pants that fit

My waist is 32 and a 32 length wears right, but while I don't mind the pant legs being a little more fitted on my legs but it's just extremely too tight on my butt/private area

Of course I think I can buy bigger sizes and have a tailor fix them, but isn't there stores that have better fits for these builds?

What clothing stores should I look at?


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  • BBP - buy bigger pants...

    • Bigger pants won't stay on me unless I get a tailor to bring in the waist, I was looking for brands tailored towards athletic builds

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    • Then a tailor is your only option, unfortunately.

    • I'll call it my last resort, there's been some suggestions to some brands that work better for the athletic build, I'll give them a try

  • Try Chinos!! Banana Republic and J. Crew!! I'm not sure what your style is but you may have to add some new pieces to compliment the new pants. My boyfriend shops here And he's bigger than you. He still gets something's tailored. But these I believe will work!! Let me know!!

  • LOL (sorry for laughing, in all serious-ness that sucks. but like. Hey tailor, can you let the butt out a little? --LOL)

    • Lol, glad to be the butt of ur joke, real sauce, where's a good place to buy pants tho

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