Best type of leggings?

Im in search of a basic pair of black leggings, I just want to know the best brand/the price/the fit (do they tend to run small or big) and most importantly NOOOOO see-through leggings lol


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  • I like getting my leggings from a sport store so I can use them for exercise as well as under a short dress.

    To be clear, see through leggings are either landed sheer or girls bought a size too small so they don't fit properly. Leggings should not be see through unless the package specifically says sheer.

    • Thankyou! Didn't know about that last part :)

    • Most people don't. All this Internet pictures make me face palm because the clothes are way too tight. The same goes with the camel toe. If you wear clothes that fit, you won't have a camel toe.

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  • all stores sell basic black leggings those days. About price, don't give more that 20 dollars. Try on only those that are 100% cotton, because they usually make you look thinner and more toned, as opposed to synthetic ones. Check the fabric to feel thick (like a T-shirt's fabric) and not flimsy, put it on and check yourself to the mirror to be sure it's not see through

  • Depends on where you wear them.

    For a regular day, i love leather leggings. For work out I prefer cotton leggings. I also wear when I sleep, those are so comfortable, thin layered cotton leggings again.

  • I like Hue (they are from Nordstroms). They are high waisted and they stay up SUPER well. They kind of expensive, but I'm glad I bought them anyway.


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