Guys: how would prefer a 19 year old dress is the workplace/casually?

A slim, petite Asian american... she's 19. In a semi casual work place would you rather see her dressed more girly/flirty? (A-line skirts/non form fitting skirts, brighter colors, floral prints, very little makeup, more the kinda of clothes you see in juniors department in a store) Or more grown up? (sexier silhouette like pencil skirts/body con dress, blazers, neutral colors, more makeup etc.)

How about in a casual setting?

Would you rather see her dressed more classy/put together (skinny jeans, flats, nice sweaters, tees, statement necklaces ) or more fun and girly? (dresses, shorts, bright colors)


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  • For the workplace, I think it depends on what your agenda is for the day and of course who you want to impress.

    If you're meeting clients, maybe the more professional look would work, gives them the vibe that you know your stuff. If you're in the office all day, probably something more comfortable but still look dependable to your bosses, wouldn't want them to think otherwise. If you're trying to impress your co-worker so that he asks you out, don't wait around and just ask him out. :D

    In a casual setting, just dress how you want, I mean, c'mon! It's casual!

    Also, for the makeup, just don't overdo it, I can't speak for all the guys on here, but too much make up just doesn't work for me.

    • what about for business casual attire? I'd like to look professional enough to please my boss but look cute enough so he might take notice and yeah.. haha ask me out :)

    • I can't say for sure, there is no set formula for dressing that works on everyone, each individual has their own preferences. I think the bottom line is how you mix and match your wardrobe to find the look that suits you and what you want to achieve.

      I suggest looking up psychology of dress to get clearer information, there is social science involved in how you dress to communicate what you want to others.

    • thank you for MHO :D

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  • Well, for the semi-casual work I would say more girly/flirty. Unless you had a important meeting for a day or something, then go with the other look. Casual setting I would also go with the fun/girly look.

  • I have no issue with casual, although pretty girls in dresses or flirty clothes is amazing.

  • if she's petite nobody would care how she's dressed. she'll be unattractive anyway... LOL

  • You should go to Nordstrom and talk to a fashion stylist. This is a free service.


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