Is it weird to be more attracted to my girlfriend just because she wears all black?

So my girlfriend had a bet with a few of her friend and lost so she had to dress in all black including her hair, so she pretty much looked goth. I feel like it may be a bit weird that I'm more attracted to her just because of the fact she was in all black.


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  • Run with it. This may spice things up in your relationship. Its okay to tell her she looks sexy in all black.

    • Well things is she doesn't really like to wear dark colors especially black.

    • That is okay. You aren't telling her, "You look so much sexier in all black than you do when you wear your normal clothing." You are saying, "I kind of like this mysterious vibe i am getting from you... sexy." Be flirtatious, not critiquing her attire.

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  • It's not weird. I like when my boyfriend wears all black. It makes him mysterious and kind of look like a vulnerable loner with a troubled past who's a little rough around the edges. Super hot. :)

  • That's pretty normal. I think my boyfriend looks especially hot in all black too. Just compliment her. Something like "Damn babe, you look SO good in all black" would make her feel good and clue her in to what you like.

  • You can't get me out of black.


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