At what point do you start to consider clothing on women slutty?

The title says it all, so at what point do you start to consider clothing on women slutty? Me personally, I really don't consider anything slutty until it starts to cover less than a bikini/underwear, like for example, wearing clothes that only cover like the boob nipples, a small part of the genitalia area, and covers the ass like a thong, and clothes like short skirts and half tops with no bra and no panties.


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  • Where on earth are you hanging out the only place I have seen people dressed like that is the strip club

    • I've seen some whores and sluts dressed like that. And also not to mention, I've seen some sluts and whores with big boobs wearing bikinis micro and small like I described in my question, that like only cover their nipples. The bikinis would even be too small for flat chested girls to wear, even worst, they would even be too small for girls who are like 5!

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  • oh my.. well, my fiance is one of those guys who is really really strict with clothing. it wasn't like that in the beginning but since we are so serious, i am not even allowed to wear tank tops no more without cardigan. if i show any skin, even if its just shoulder or a bra strap, he tells me to cover up and that i'm being an attention whore, hahaha its really bad

  • This is what I tell every young girl I meet.
    Sexy- showing one thing, giving a taste
    Slutty- showing it all and giving it away
    Example you're going out on the town and want to show your legs, wear a long sleeve, non-low cut, mini
    If you've got a tube top dress on that barely covers your nips and your ass cheeks are hanging out... The guys already know what your body looks like naked, there's nothing it in for them than to hit it and quit is. No challenge.
    Sexy is showing just enough to spark an interest

    • That's true, the whores who wear tiny micro bikinis to the beach might as well go naked, not much difference there.

    • It's not even whores, it's usually young women who know nothing better, think they are being sexy because that's what they see starlets wearing and men fawning all over them. So they think if they dress like that they will get attention too. Not realizing its attention they really don't want

  • It's not slutty before you feel like it's slutty. It's all about your personal boarders. Personally I could strip down to my underwear in a public space without feeling slutty, I just enjoy my body. It's all about feels dude, all about the feels

  • Short skirts & stockings, heels etc


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