Recommended brands of jeans for hourglass figures?

Hey, so I've been extremely frustrated with finding a good pair of jeans that actually fit. My bust, hips and thighs are full, but I have a small waist. I'm also 5"3', but tend to have a slightly long torso. Whenever I wear jeans, they always stretch out too much to the point when I'd have to constantly pull them up every time I move. I've worn a belt before, but that doesn't solve the problem, either.

These following brands I've tried, with little to no success:
- Faded Glory
- Lee Rider's
- Levi's
- Christopher & Banks
- Gloria Vanderbilt
- American Eagle
- Loft
- Gap
- Old Navy
- Wrangler's
- Wrangler's Cruel Girl (I used to be able to fit into that brand's size 5/6, so I'm working on being healthy and toned to be back to my 15 year old weight again)
- Eddie Bauer "curvy" line.

I'd love to try designer jeans, but my budget is $55. I'd be willing to look for outlet stores that carry those kind of jeans, but I need advice. What jeans have any of you tried?


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  • Measure around your waist (not your natural waist, more like the part of your hips where you jeans come up to) and then the bum. Next measure your inseam.

    Its very possible that you are wearing a size that won't give you the best fit, and this method is a good way to figure out what your size should be.

    I'm the same way as you, and my jeans always look unflattering. They're either way too tight in the ass or baggy in the waist. If I had the money I'd try Levi's curve ID. I know you've tried Levis but have you tried that line?

    • Thank you for the advice! I have not tried Levi's Curve ID since I haven't found them in stores in my city. (According to their quiz, I'm a "Bold Curve"). I'm thinking of splurging on a pair of PZI Jeans, (they're $69, though, so that sucks) but I'm still looking for the right kind that will fit me. I hope you find a good brand as well. Best of luck to you!

    • Thank you!

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  • Did you try AE skinny and jegging, and Old Navy rockstar, my sister is in the same situation as you and those fit her good. Sometimes the waist is a bit loose but you have a belt for that so hopefully this helps you!

    • I actually have a pair of AE's Hi-Rise Jeggings (I have a long torso). I can't bend down in them, though - the knees are too tight LOL! Otherwise, they fit ok. I have to wear a belt with them. It's been a long time since I tried Old Navy - I found their back pockets to be placed awkwardly in a low position. Thank you for the suggestions!

    • What did you decide on?

  • I think faded glory would be nice for a short girl. Faded glory jeans for women usually contour all of the legs which usually results in the long leg look.

  • I'm not sure about brands of womens jeans, but if it makes you feel any better, your body shape and height sound unbelievably hot! ;-)

    • Hahaha well thank you, kind sir! I wasn't fishing for compliments, but I'll keep looking for a great pair of jeans. It sucks that men's apparel has thicker material (which is totally nice for the colder weather. Gotta love those fleece sweatpants!), whereas we women are stuck with thinner fabric (which are often not work appropriate).

    • Well, especially on a body like yours, it would be a crime to have you in sweatpants! lol! So yeah--thinner fabric looks way better! And what's work inappropriate about that? Most women I see at work are in relatively thin fabrics, and I work at an office.

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  • I'm not an hourglass, but I have the issue where jeans are too loose in the waist if they fit my butt and thighs. I just buy high waisted jeans that fit my butt and roll the waist down. It looks kind of hot for casual wear lol Otherwise, I just wear jeggings. You can buy some that look like real jeans. A brand I really want to try are Freddy Jeans. They're meant to make your butt look AWESOME!

  • True Religion :) I have the same shape


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