What do girls want?

i am not going to be specific in this question, I will leave a big open ball field and let you decide for yourself. O man Hey WHAT DO GIRLS WANT?


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  • In a guy? He needs to have humor but not be the class clown, kindness but the ability to stand up for himself and others, sincerity in what he says but tact in saying it, devotion but also be able to give me room to breathe, inteligence but not in a holier-than-thou way, he needs to be able to listen to what I say and respect my opinions on things. I need to be able to trust him, and him me. I want a guy who is chivalrous but understands that he does this for me out of respect, not because I can't do it myself, a guy who knows how to go with the flow but can also make decisions for himself, a guy who can have a serious discussion and share his feelings and opinions. Most of all I want a guy who loves me as much as I love him.


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  • Girls want a guy that is supportive and sweet.

    They want a guy that can make them laugh, but be serious when he needs to be.

    Guys who are selfish are unappealing.

    It's okay if you put on a front, but if you don't soften up around a girl and let her see your true colors, she'll give up on you.

    Girls basically want someone who's just a good friend, but always there for them.

    Another important thing is natural chemistry, which I totally believe in and have experienced.

  • I want to be a happy, like myself, and make a lot of money.


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  • Asking what girls want is usually a wasted effort. Most girls think their feelings are an accurate reflection of reality, and also a valid decision making tool. But our emotions change all the freaking time.

    So if you ask what she wants at noon, her answer will be honest based on her feelings at that moment. But when you ask at 6 pm and she gives you a completely different answer, that answer is _also_ valid to her, because her emotions have changed. Women honestly don't see this inconsistency as abusive or unfair. They think they have every right to behave this way, regardless of the pain and confusion it causes other people. And if you disagree, and object to feeling jerked around, that's one time women don't want you to open up and share your feelings.

    This warped mentality also explains why women tend to have problems understanding cause-and-effect, and why women tend to have much higher rates of depression. Women live under the illusion that heeding their feelings is the best way to make decisions, but in reality, it leads to uncontrolled feelings and depression.

    Oh snap!


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