What style do I have? or am I all over the place...?

so I'm really into black. but not the 'emo' or gothic black, the sleek, classic black.

i love long trench coats, and lots of buttons.

lots of lace and embroidery

lots of buttons

tighter fitting clothes (not slutty tight, but very fitting)

tall boots

high heels


so what type of style is this? or is there not a name...?

oops, I said buttons twice. sorry...
or, wait, I said buttons three times...
ALSO! what kind of other things could go with this type of style? like what accessories, or what blouses or pants?


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  • ooh I like the coat and the black boots very much! you've got a classy look, but I also say you've got a little flair for historic styles, the garments you've picked out all have little details that are very old-fashioned and would have been seen hundreds of years ago.


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  • I wouldn't worry about being pigeon holed into a certain style group. Its far better to have a timeless classy look than the latest craze. You'll find it'll carry you through life far better. Plus you'll always look better than your friends and you'll save money too. It sounds like you're forging ahead with your own style and good on you. You can't go far wrong with a pair of tall black boots, some black skinny jeans and a big warm trench coat on a cold wet day.

    It sounds like you go for more classic glamour like me, I'm inspired by people like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn rather than people like Kate Moss or Sienna Miller (who I both think look a state with their Boho look, drag a brush through your hair girls and put some nice clothes on rather than what was on the floor!)

    Good on you!

  • if you wear victorian styled clothes with it , it's like a gothic lolitta style.

  • A little classy, on the safe side.

    • I like the neutral colors and the black so I think for accessories, just a little bit of color would really work for you.

    • Thanks, I'll add more color to my wardrobe.

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