Ladies why do I feel so ugly and repulsive and have so littl self esteem?

Occasionally I will get comments but its never from girls my age


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  • Because u are likely comparing yourself to someone else. Just be who you are and be CONFIDENT! You will be fine! Stop looking at yourself in the mirror if all you can see is negative. Don't look again until you come to terms with who you are and just be freakin proud of it!


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  • I have no Idea? I personally don't feel anything like that, but I sometimes tell the guy I like that I feel that way so he can tell me a compliment. I use it to boost my selfesteem

  • Are u serious didn't u say all girls wants you always? I don't know if your troll or what :./


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  • May I give you the most helpful "no homo" answer possible?

    Bro, you don't need to worry about anything, you're fine. First thing I noticed.. you got big lips... you know how many girls love kissing a guy with full lips? 100's of thousands of thousands.

    Your hair cut looks clean and proper... you don't look like you woke up and left the house a hot mess.

    You need to remember the following quote for ever: You are always going to be beautiful, to someone's eyes.

    There is someone out there, probably more than one, but minimum one, that thinks your are the most HANDSOME thing, that you are beautiful both in your physique, and your heart... and that will make them jsut sooooo attracted to you. You ever seen a girl you think is cute, but no more... but then her personality is just... wow... she's so friendly, and adorable and all of sudden, your crush on her just dropped ! And you're like crazy for her, yet she may not be a kim kardashian, to you, she just became the best thing you've ever seen. That's how you should feel, because someone out there will feel like that for you and the best part, is that it will reciprocate for you towards her... Fate decides things like that. I believe in that. Seriously,, don't put yourself down. But there are some tips to higher your chances of feeling more attractive.

    - Dress with style
    -Stand straight
    -Hold eye contact
    -Smile as nice as you can and wide
    -Walk with confidence
    -Brush your teeth
    -Wear cologne (calvin klein euphoria/---> will get you laid... like.. i'm not joking.. lol)
    -talk to people more often, be genuine, be spontaneous, be yourself
    -work out (took me 5 months to go from never ever noticed in my life, to having girls stare at me everywhere i go)

    -look in the mirror each morning and tell yourself that you're the fucking man, that you're a fuckin boss and you run shit... nobody else.

    tell yourself you're a 10/10 and you will see the world in a new light

  • Because your parents abused you as a child. And you are a perfectionist who creates expectations that no one could ever meet. Or you just love hating yourself. Dunno.

  • AT LEAST YOU HAVE TWO EYES! me well Im a black scottish cyclops! they got more feckin sea monsters in the great lock ness then they do the likes of me!


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