Guys: Is it attractive?

I was at the mall with a bunch of guy friends and a girl walked by and she was really pretty and she wore a scarf (head covering) so her hair didn't show. when I asked them they said because she looks mysterious and that makes them curious. So is that like a turn on? Just curious.


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  • Not only curiosity, but difference.

    Don't think that is the secret of attraction! lol

    It doesn't exist. If the girl is rich, or has shaped body helps, I won't lie, but sometimes this doesn't make difference too, but gets attention.

    • Lol I don't think it's the secret of attraction lol. I was only curious about the guy mind.

    • Ok! lol

      You can think also about the human mind, everyone likes things customized, and something different that looks good, it's charming and unique...

      But it's only exterior.

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  • Mystery grabs people's attention, makes you want to find out more because it's so out of the ordinary. Chalk it up to style, it may not just be the scarf but how she carried herself while wearing it.

  • It might inspire me to take a distant glance at her, but I don't think I'd go as far as to say that it was a "turn-on".


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